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The Mac Jones rookie card has seen a significant decline in price, much to the disappointment of collectors and investors who had hoped for a strong return on their investment.

A recent Tweet from @ericwhiteback (pictured) shows the decline of a 2021 Donruss Mac Jones Rated Rookie card in a PSA 10.

Jones, who was selected by the New England Patriots with the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, was a highly sought-after prospect and his rookie cards were among the most valuable on the market. However, a series of underwhelming performances and a lacklustre record for the Patriots this season has caused Jones's cards to lose value.

It's important to mention that in my opinion, no base rookie card, (especially Donruss) should be selling for £3k on the market! It seems this sale was a bit of an anomaly since only a handful of PSA 10 sales of this card went for so much.

One possible reason for the decline in price generally for Mac Jones is the overall sluggish performance of the sports card market in recent months. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting major sports leagues and causing delays and cancellations, the demand for sports cards has decreased, leading to a drop in prices across the board. Additionally, the emergence of other rookie players such as Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields has also contributed to the decline in demand for Jones's cards. As collectors and investors look to invest in the most promising up-and-coming players, Jones's cards may be overlooked in favour of those with a stronger track record.

It's important to note that the value of sports cards can be volatile and is subject to a variety of factors, including performance on the field, overall market demand, and the success of the team. While the decline in the price of the Mac Jones rookie card may be disappointing for those who invested in it, it's important to remember that the value of sports cards can always fluctuate and that investing in them carries inherent risks.

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Dan Keane

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