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For storing cards and taking them to shows, is this case a must-have?

For Christmas 2021, I was asked the classic question of what I wanted for Christmas. I found the Elite Sheild Card Storage Case after thinking long and hard about what I would find useful. I am about to review the 3-row version of the biggest case they offered at the time.

My experience with the case has been that it is robust but lightweight at the same time. A case's weight is particularly crucial since it's going to become heavy once you add slabs and mags (one-touch cardholders). Carrying an extremely heavy case to a card show will not be efficient and should be considered when choosing a case.

PSA and MGC graded cards fit perfectly in the case, but Beckett, SGC and HGA graded cards are slightly too tight. I believe this has been addressed in more recent, updated models. 3 rows give you space for exactly 42 individual slabs or mags. Due to the separated slots, the cards won't touch or rub against each other, potentially causing damage.

The case's price point seems reasonable at £74.99 compared to other cases on the market favoured by collectors, such as Peli cases. As an example, this might be the price point of a gift or

present from a partner or close relative.

Having since purchased this case, and as a frequent vendor at shows, I quickly decided that 42 slabs simply weren't enough. In order to overcome this problem, I decided to surgically remove each divider, allowing me to fit an entire row of cards. It had occurred to me that doing this might weaken the protection and support, but I thought it was well worth it since I was able to fit more than triple the amount of slabs.

Since reconstructing my case, Elite Shield has released a 4-row, no-divider case that holds over 140 slabs! Just my luck! Additionally, it's only £20 more expensive than its predecessor!

Could I recommend Elite Sheild's 3-row storage case in that case, pardon the pun? Short answer:

yes. If the 4-row, no divider case had been available when I was shopping, I would have chosen that model over the 3-row. The 3-row storage case is still recommended to those who have a smaller collection of cards or only wish to take 42 cards or less to card shows. For example, an attendee looking to trade a few cards instead of a vendor looking to transport two showcases of cards.

Overall, I recommend the 3-row case to any trading card enthusiast! With such an affordable price and a product designed specifically for card collectors, you can't go wrong. When choosing a case, it's important to determine what you intend to use it for. In addition to its 2-row and 1-slab cases that I did not mention in this review, Elite Sheild now offers plenty of sizes.

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Dan Keane

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