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Check out these supplies if you're interested in collecting and investing in sports cards!

Penny Sleeves - Individual plastic card sleeves are an inexpensive and effective way to store sports cards. Typically, 100 sleeves are sold in packs for 1 penny each, depending on the quantity purchased.

The penny sleeves are essential, and I personally buy 10 packs at a time to make sure I never run out. It's your worst nightmare to pull out a great card from a pack and have no way to protect it from dust or scratches.

At such a low price there is no excuse to not store and ship your cards in penny sleeves.

Toploaders - Toploaders are a common storage supply for collectors of sports cards. Almost every size is available in rigid and semi-rigid versions of these plastic card holders. Furthermore, they are great for showing off and displaying cards in addition to protecting and storing them.

As a minimum, you should always ship cards in penny sleeves and Toploaders. In order to prevent the card from sliding out of the Toploader, a team bag should be used to cover it. In some cases, people use painting tape, but it can leave sticky residue on cards and sometimes mark Toploaders.

All around, Toploaders paired with penny sleeves are the most popular choice.

One-touch magnetic cases - Slide-in hinges and magnetic closures eliminate the need for screws, so you'll never lose your cards. The one-touch magnetic card case is the exact reason I don't recommend the Screwdown Recessed Trading Card Holder.

In my opinion, a one-touch is the best way to display a card if you don't expect it to grade high. In order to avoid being disappointed with a grader's evaluation of the condition of my PC (personal collection), cards, I frequently display them in a one-touch.

In general, I don't recommend shipping cards in a one-touch, especially if they aren't perfectly sized. The best option is still a Toploader and penny sleeve.

Semi Rigids - Generally, semi-rigids are the preferred protection for grading companies, so if you plan on grading your sports cards, consider purchasing a pack. Due to the machines graders use, it is believed they can remove the cards without touching them, potentially causing damage. If you do not pack your cards in semi-rigid sleeves, it's been known that PSA may reject your submission or charge you more.

As the plastic is thinner and grips your cards tightly, semi-rigid card savers are aesthetically pleasing and extremely slim. Due to their thin plastic, semi-rigids tend to bend more than Toploaders due to their flexibility.

Binders – Most sports cards albums consist of binders with plastic pages and sleeves that are designed to hold cards. It is more expensive and time-consuming to store sports cards in albums than with other options, but they are the best option for cards and sets that you want to show off or keep track of.

A binder is the best way for me to collect a set as there's nothing more satisfying than flicking through the pages of a complete set you've worked hard to get!

I recommend binders with side-loading pockets. In the event that your binder is held upside-down, your trading cards will be damaged if they fall out.

Consider purchasing a binder with a zipper or strap. By doing so, it won't fly open when you grab it, therefore posing a risk of damage to your cards. I've linked the exact binder I choose to store my collections of cards.

Storage Boxes - Cards are most commonly stored in corrugated cardboard boxes. Sports cards can be stored in boxes very efficiently and inexpensively.

Depending on the size of the storage box, sports cards can hold anywhere from 50 to 1,000+

At card shows, you'll commonly see boxes like these for flicking through loose cards, known as "dollar bins".

It is important to choose a box that can handle top-loaded cards when choosing one.

While you don't have to topload your cards in boxes like these, I like to just for peace of mind.

Card Carry Cases - These can be found in all shapes, sizes, and designs, with some designers even producing back packs. Personally, I prefer the briefcase look.

Your valuable card collection is protected from all sides by a rugged durable exterior and an impact-absorbing interior. You'll be able to sort and organise various card types while keeping graded cards looking brand new. You might just find this to be the best way to store your cards.

Card carry cases have the main advantage of being easy to transport and carry on your person.

In order to find all these supplies, I used pictures of Elite Shield products. By using the code "sportscardsuk", readers of sportscardsweb can save 10% on all products.

All of the above products are essential for storing and organising your sports card collections / investments as a sports card enthusiast.

Written By:

Dan Keane

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