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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Crazy Busy and Tons of Fun!

It was my third visit to the London Card Show and first time at the new Epsom location. Originally held in a gym hall in Tolworth, the event was moved to Sandown Racecourse's larger event space. While I had experience both as an exhibitor and a vendor, I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in both vendors and attendees at this year's show!

During the week leading up to the show, I spent time preparing graded cards for sale and organising my new card case to offer a wide range of sports cards for buyers! Bits purchases were on sale, and higher graded cards were put aside for the evening trade event! Fortunately, I had a short drive to the venue from HQ. In the aftermath of the show, my regrets about not taking the train were exacerbated since I envied the those enjoying a cold beer. Vendors were given their own parking space, allowing easier access to the venue and easier handling of cards, memorabilia, cases, and other items for sale vendors had to offer.

Once inside the venue, tables were already laid out, passes were distributed quickly, and the mood was high. My table was conveniently located for foot fall and I was able to set it up quickly, with even time to explore the area.

VIP pass holders were allowed in at 9:30AM, while standard pass holders were allowed in at 10. There was a great deal of foot traffic! Outside of the building, a food van was located and inside, there was a tuck shop. Despite being a long day, it was a great success. As a result, I sold around 7 cards and made a healthy profit, even purchasing more cards at the trade night with some of that profit!

There was a new trade night addition this year at the London Card Show, where vendors and attendees were able to close additional deals between 7-10pm! The trade event was particularly useful for me as I wasn't able to get away from my stand much once the doors were opened to the public.



Location was fantastic! The growth of the London Card show has been exponential, I expect a future venue such as the Excel in London is not far away! Food and drink were readily available at affordable prices and staff were approachable, friendly and helpful. This is certainly the best card show the UK has to offer, and I think its growth will make it hard to top it in the future.


It would have been better if the day had been shortened slightly. That was the only con I had for the day. While the gap between the main show and trade night was well needed, vendors attending both the full show and the trade night had around a 14-hour day. Based on the new show schedule in October, I see this h

as been addressed and a second day has been added! Being able to attend one day and possibly vendor the next is great for content creators like myself.

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Dan Keane

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