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A full list with links on all the equipment I use for sports card content creation!

You're thinking of creating some video content for YouTube, but aren't sure what you need? For creating YouTube content, I created a list of key equipment I cannot live without.

  1. Camera

A camera is an obvious place to start. A quote that really sticks with me is, "tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now is exactly the right time to start". Regardless of who you are, I am sure you have a camera on your phone if you are reading this. Make use of your phone right now and start filming. Many of you are probably familiar with the story of True Geordie starting out with an iPad propped up on an ironing board. Yes, he has a studio with movie-quality camera equipment, but his content, delivery, and personality have brought him that far. Don't believe that you need an A-grade camera to start a YouTube channel, you don't!

With my phone propped up against some books, I filmed my first YouTube video (@sportscardsuk) of a pack opening Panini Contenders Basketball box. The camera has been added since then, but I've kept the camera model modest for now. A newer model has since been released, but I don't think it has any features worth the added cost for a YouTuber starting out in the content-creation space.

So that's the camera. The most important piece of equipment. It is important to remember that an expensive camera is not necessary to start today. You can use

an iPhone or an inbuilt webcam on your computer. Focus on building your confidence, find your feet, and pump out watchable content!

2. A Microphone

The microphone is actually the second most important piece of equipment. My experience as a frequent YouTube viewer is that poor audio quality makes it difficult to enjoy good content. The cost of a microphone shouldn't be prohibitive, however. In fact, I still use the same microphone I purchased in the beginning, and I highly recommend it.

Currently, I use the Blue Yeti Microphone, a microphone costing just under £100.00. For a microphone of this price range, the sound quality is excellent. YouTubers with large audiences may opt for something more expensive like Schure SM7B, but that's 3 times the price and is overkill for a novice.

My Blue Yeti mic is attached to my desk with a boom arm. Depending on your desk dimensions and set-up, you can decide whether a boom arm is necessary or if you want to keep the microphone out of sight. You can place the microphone neatly on your desk since it comes with its own stand.

To record audio for card show content, you might consider a lapel mic that attaches to your shirt and plugs into a phone. Amazon has these for a relatively low price. On the expensive end, many larger frequent card show attendees use the RØDE Wireless GO.

3. A Tripod

Another crucial factor to consider when vlogging is video stabilisation. Using a tripod will help you avoid spending more time in your editing software editing and stabilising footage. It shouldn't cost a lot of money to buy a tripod. You may want a camera arm if you have a desk set up, but generally, you'll want to

go for a smaller one you can carry around with you. In my case, I use the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B, PIXI Mini Tripod. When vlogging, the arms collapse neatly to act as handles.

This tripod works with a wide range of digital devices, weighing up to 1kg, due to the universal 1 4 Inch screw thread.

4. Video Editing Software

Video and audio recordings may require some editing, removing parts, adding effects, colour correction, and colour grading.

Acquiring software such as Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and Sony Vegas can help you resolve these problems. iMovie (free Mac software) and Filmora (a one-time fee for the basic package) are what I use.

iMovie would be a great place to start on your YouTube journey since it's free to use.

5. Lighting

Lighting will make the difference between amateur and professional content. As opposed to the expensive, soft

box lighting options.

Why is lighting so important? Can't you just use natural light? The cheapest way of lighting is of course natural light. There are many drawbacks to using natural light, however. Sunlight can't be controlled by dimmers or switch-offs, nor can you direct it precisely. It is not recommended to film at midday when the sunlight is at its strongest, so if you rely on natural light, you will be limited to when you can go out filming.

In order for sunlight to be captured, you need a window that is the right size and location if you are filming indoors.

It is therefore necessary to use artificial light when there are too many unknown and uncontrollable variables when using available light.

Lighting artificially brings focus to your subject and keeps messy backgrounds in shadows, so you can use it to illuminate only what you want to light. Brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs, as long as you or your subject is properly visible without being suspiciously shady or overwhelmed by glare.

For close-up shots in my videos, I usually use a ring light, as it has a dimmer switch and is effective at lighting my face.

The time has come for you to start working. Create quality content for your viewers based on your budget. Your YouTube channel can be started with everything you have already, or with everything that is reasonably priced.

The items we recommend and discuss are hoped to be of interest to you! As part of our affiliate and sponsored partnerships, sportscardsweb receives a commission on some of your purchases. This won’t affect the price you pay but helps support me as a content writer.

Written By:

Dan Keane

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