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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Designed and run by someone who has never attended or ran a card show!

I was shocked when I first heard Devon's above statement (the man behind the Nottinghamshire card show)! Despite never having attended a card show himself, he pulled off an excellent event.

The Nottinghamshire card show was based in Sheffield, in the East Midlands region of England. In my conversations with attendees on the day, many expressed their happiness at attending a local show. I personally found the drive to be well worth the three and a half hours from the South East.

The show was set up with 20 vendors in a local community hall. The hall was spacious, with plenty of room between tables and clear foot traffic flow. Attendees and vendors both benefited from a good value in ticket prices!

On the whole, I spent more and bought more cards at this show than at any other. I find smaller shows are likely to draw collectors with the intention of buying cards, rather than browsing or having a leisurely day out.

Having the opportunity to meet collectors I've spoken with over social media but never in person was a real pleasure for me.

There was a wide selection of cards available from various vendors at the show. Basketball and Football were the dominant sports along with F1, American Football and Non-sport trading cards up for grabs as well.

I picked up several cards for my PC as well as those I wish to move on or send for grading. The Bassett candy sticks David Beckham SGC 7 was a great trade for my Ronald Acuna Jr. PSA 10 Topps Chrome. Additionally, I acquired a Messi 30 Seasons Card, a Harvey Elliot Autograph, and a Steve Aoki Phil Foden.

With the sale of a 4k Luca Doncic auto, it was great to see a big deal! Everyone was able to find something they enjoyed at this show!

Kieran and Dan from Slapshot Vintage were great to meet. It was great to meet them in person after appearing on their podcast before. From what I heard, they did well on the day selling a few jerseys and cards, indicating that they promoted their attendance well!


There is something for everyone at this well-priced show for attendees and vendors. It was a mix of different types of vendors and vendors I've never encountered before at other shows. There was a clear information stand, good table positions, and a relaxed atmosphere at the show.


There weren't many food options available at the Nottinghamshire card show, which was my only niggle. Having thought this might be the case with a small show, I packed a lunch. If the Nottinghamshire Card Show grows in size, it would be nice to see a food truck or some other lunch options besides crisps and confectionery.

In conclusion, whether near or far, I recommend collectors up and down the country to make the trip to the Nottinghamshire card show in the future.

Written By:

Dan Keane

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