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Sports cards have made appearances in various forms of music over the years, often as a subject of lyrics or as a visual element in music videos and album covers. Here are a few examples of how sports cards have been featured in music:

"Homerun" by Lil Tecca: This popular rap song includes lyrics about collecting sports cards and references specific players, such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The song's music video also features shots of Tecca showing off his collection of cards.

"Cardboard Boxes" by Tyler, the Creator: This song from Tyler, the Creator's album "IGOR" includes lyrics that reference trading sports cards and the excitement of opening a new pack of cards. The song's music video also features a scene of Tyler sorting through a collection of cards.

"Baseball Cards" by Peter, Paul, and Mary: This folk song, which was released in 1992, tells the story of a young boy who loves collecting baseball cards. The song includes lyrics about the joys of trading and organizing a collection, and the chorus includes the line "I love my baseball cards."

"Hockey Cards" by The Tragically Hip: This song, which appears on the Tragically Hip's album "Road Apples," includes lyrics about collecting hockey cards and references specific players and teams. The song's chorus includes the line "I've got a whole bunch of hockey cards / And I ain't gonna trade them for no one."

Overall, sports cards have been a source of inspiration for a variety of musicians, and have been featured in a range of different styles of music. Whether they are mentioned in lyrics or used as visual elements, sports cards have a place in the world of music.

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Dan Keane

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