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As the doors of Cardvention II swung open, sports card enthusiasts from all corners of the globe gathered to indulge in a weekend filled with excitement and rare finds at the Hockenheimring. I had the chance to chat with one attendee and a good friend about their memorable experience.

Harry, how would you describe your overall experience at Cardvention II sports card show?

It was very enjoyable. It presented a very niche industry, looking from a UK perspective, in terms of the vast amount of American Sports that were on show. Logistically, I’d unfortunately say it wasn’t particularly convenient and became very cramped at times. Overall though, as I said, I had a really good weekend and very much enjoyed the Show.

Was the event well-organized and did it meet your expectations?

Yes, the show was very well-organised & streamlined and no issues arose during the day. In terms of it meeting my expectations, I really didn’t know what to expect given the only comparison I have are the UK Shows, namely, London, which inevitably is different. There was, however, a LOT of stairs to climb, roughly about 7 flights from the ground to the first room, followed by another 2 flights from the first to the second room, with no ‘Tuck Shop’ accessible on the Show Floor, you had to go back down to the ground for all food & drink supplies. There was large percentage of American Sports which took me very much by surprise given the location of the Show.

Did you find the variety and quality of sports cards available at the show to be satisfactory?

I’d have to say no, unless you’re heavily into NBA/NFL, it probably wouldn’t have been the Show for you. Despite it being located at a Race Track and in Germany, to break it down for you: 70% American Sports, 20% Football and 10% Other (TCG & F1).

Were there any specific rare or valuable cards that caught your attention or were difficult to find elsewhere?

It would have to be the Haaland & Bellingham 1/1 (Dortmund Duo) from 2022 Topps Champions League and casually, a Messi 1/1 from Eminence.

Were there enough exhibitors and vendors to provide a diverse selection of sports cards?

There was enough, yes, but all unfortunately had a similar array of stock / product.

How did the prices of the cards compare to what you would typically find in the UK?

I would definitely say they were typically 10/20% higher than what you’d find in the UK - that’s for wax, sealed product & cards. Some vendors were more than happy to negotiate but, the one that took me by surprise was that, not a single vendor was interested in trading, literally 99% were just there to sell.

Did you come across any unique or unusual sports cards that were particularly interesting or exciting?

Again, was very cool seeing the Messi 1/1 from Eminence but, nothing particularly ‘unusual’ from my recollection.

Were there any notable guest appearances or industry experts present at the event?

Yes so, Topps DE were there, as were Panini and also a Project 22 Artist (artisbullshit).

What were the general atmosphere and energy like at the Cardvention II sports card show?

Very upbeat & positive. Take nothing away from that. Having the ability to walk out the door into the stands of a Race Track, with live qualifying and racing on was superb. It was a good environment, I just unfortunately didn’t fit the target market.

Considering your travel from the UK, do you feel the experience was worth the time and effort invested?

It was good to see a different culture whilst it also being a good learning curve for myself, as a collector, to experience a European Card Show. Trade Night on the Friday was top tier and we met a group of lads who collected similar things to us, so we made some good deals with them during the evening. That being said, for the experience, I would say it was worth the time and effort, yes. To have ticked it off and seen a different culture within the Card Industry.

With the taste of a different culture and the thrill of exploring a European card show, Cardvention II proved to be a worthwhile endeavor for our interviewee. As Harry reflects on his journey, he will carry with him cherished moments and valuable insights gained from this remarkable experience.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Harry of @HJACardsUK and "The Toploaded Podcast" for generously sharing their valuable insights, experiences, and perspectives on Cardvention II. Their participation, time, and thoughtful answers have truly enriched this article and provided readers with a deeper understanding of the event. It is through connections like these, forged in the world of card collecting, that friendships are formed, and the passion for this hobby is strengthened. Thank you, Harry, for being a great friend and a valuable resource in the exciting realm of sports card collecting.

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Dan Keane

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