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A move that has shaken the collectibles market to its core, Fanatics, the global Sports merchandise giant, has made a potential revolutionary acquisition by purchasing PWCC (Professional Sports Authenticator and Card Consignment). This move by Fanatics comes with immense implications for the sports card and memorabilia trading industry.

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this acquisition and explore how it is to reshape the landscape of collectibles, benefiting collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

The Powerhouses Unite:

Fanatics, known for its dominance in licensed sports merchandise, has joined forces with PWCC, one of the leading platforms for buying, selling, and authenticating sports cards. The synergistic collaboration between these two powerhouses is set to redefine the dynamics of the collectibles market. With Fanatics' worldwide reach, infrastructure, healthy, long lasting, strong partnerships with major sports leagues and teams, the acquisition of PWCC elevates the company into an even more powerful position.

PWCC, brings a lot to the table itself, its expertise in card authentication, marketplace facilitation, and consignment services. Combining their strengths, Fanatics and PWCC aim to revolutionise the way collectors engage with the sports card market.

Elevating Trust & Authenticity:

One of the key benefits of this acquisition is the enhanced trust and authenticity it brings to the collectibles market. PWCC has long been known for its reputation in authentication, grading, and verification services. With Fanatics backing, PWCC's processes are likely to become even stronger and transparent, bringing greater confidence among collectors and investors. The integration of PWCC's authentication technologies and Fanatics extensive licensing agreements can significantly reduce the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent items entering the market. This heightened trust is crucial for maintaining the long-term integrity and growth of the collectibles industry, growing its audience and strengthening the confidence of existing collectors.

Transforming the Marketplace Experience:

The acquisition of PWCC by Fanatics holds potential for transforming the buying and selling experience within the collectibles market. Fanatics' ecommerce excellence, paired with PWCC's sophisticated marketplace infrastructure, has potential to create a seamless and user-friendly platform. (Which I’ll be keeping an eye out for).

Collectors can look forward to accessing a variety of inventory authenticated sports cards and memorabilia, making it easier to discover and acquire coveted items. The integration of both platforms could optimise the buying and selling process, bringing collectors convenience, efficiency, and easier access to new items.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Fanatics and PWCC has the potential to attract a wider audience to the collectibles market. The increased accessibility and trust offered by this partnership may entice new collectors and investors to explore this thriving industry.

Expanding Opportunities for Collectors & Investors:

With Fanatics' extensive resources and access to exclusive licensing agreements, collectors can anticipate a broader range of officially licensed sports memorabilia. This expanded offering opens doors to more. Whether it be unique and rare items that were previously inaccessible or difficult to find. Investors, too, will see benefit from this acquisition. The integration of PWCC's platforms may lead to increased liquidity in the market, making it easier to buy, sell, and evaluate the value of Fanatics collectibles. This enhanced transparency and efficiency can provide a more favourable environment for investors to navigate the market and capitalise on potential opportunities.


The acquisition of PWCC by Fanatics marks a pivotal moment in the collectibles industry, combining the strengths of two industry leaders to redefine the sports card and memorabilia market. With enhanced trust, a revolutionary marketplace experience, expanded opportunities for collectors and investors, this acquisition promises exciting prospects for the future. As we are watching this transformative phase, it's clear that the sports collectibles landscape will never be the same again.

Written By:

Vijay Patel @runningcard

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